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Variation In Lip Shape. Variation In Nasality. Questions About Nasalized Vowels. Variation In Onset And Release. Exploring Lateral And Nasal Release. Experiment With Aspiration.

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Variation In Length. Question On Length In Sonorants. Some Questions Of Perception. Some Consequences Of Phonotactics. Exploration: Regular Past Tense. Exploration: Regular Plural Number. Question: Possessive. Question: 3rd Person Present. Questions: Reduced 'Is' And 'Has'. Exercise: Final Clusters. Morpheme Variation. Practice: Bases In —CI. Practice: Bases In —Cl.

Questions: Bases In —Mn. Differences In Morpheme Division. The Rhythm Of English Speech. Tone Units. Stress Timing. Marked Accent: Paradigmatic Focus. Practice: Sentences Accented Differently. Marked Accent: Syntagmatic Focus. Lexical Anaphora. Exploration: Differences Of De-Accenting.


Practice: Creating Different Dialogs. Accent On Operators. Intonation And Perception. The Falling Tunes.

English Pronunciation in Use: Intermediate (Second Edition)

The Rising Tunes. Compound Tunes. Additional Practice; Three Dialogs. Predicting Word Stress. Is Stress Predictable?. Stress Rules. Neutral Suffixes. Tonic Endings. Exercise With Verbs. Exercise With Nouns. Rules For Adjectives. Exercise With Adjectives.

Extending The Basic Stress Rules. Discovery Exercise. Some Variations In Stress. What Do You Say?. Mixed Endings.

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Some 'Special' Endings. Formulate The Rule. Prefixes, Compound Words, And Phrases. Practice: Compound Nouns. Practice Trees. Compounds And Phrases. Practice: Compounds And Phrases. Compound Verbs. Questions: Stress In Verbs. A Rhythm Rule. Phonological Processes In Speech. Full Forms And Reduced Forms.

Auxiliaries Or Operators Like Can. Pronouns Like You. Prepositions Like To. Determiners Like Some.

Teaching pronunciation: A course book and reference guide, 2nd Edition,

Conjunctions Like And. Chart Exploration: Homophones?. More About Phonological Processes. Phonological Processes And The Lexicon.

Words And Morphemes That Change. Underlying Forms And Lexical Processes. Checked Vowel Reduction. Alternation With Zero.

Velar Softening. The Sequence Of Rules. Change In Voice. The Vowel Shift Rule. Free And Checked Vowels.

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More About Augments. Heavy Endings. Light Endings. Posttonic Suffixes. Find out how a school in Spain found using Speakout with MyEnglishLab enhanced spoken and written communication skills in English.

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View case study. We have integrated digital tools with the new edition of Speakout to engage your students online. Speakout Extra provides a bank of additional exercises that includes grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and skills practice as well as ideas and activities for exploiting the BBC clips and interviews. Improved functionality, including providing learner feedback, makes it easier for teachers and learners to track their levels of achievement through each level and through the course.

Real English in your classroom. Order Locally. Looking for free course resources? For teachers. For students. Introducing the new Plus levels. Intermediate Plus helps students progress along the intermediate plateau effectively. It is for new students who are at the upper end of intermediate and for existing students who are progressing through intermediate and need new material to motivate them.

Intermediate Plus extends the vocabulary of Intermediate and revisits key language areas that are known to be problematic for learners at that level. It covers more challenging areas of language and skills, and more subtleties of meaning in the grammar.