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More Details Original Title. The Harven Legacy 1.

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To ask other readers questions about The Innkeeper's Son , please sign up. This could go far, the first and only book has so much potential.

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  • I was excited about The Innkeepers Son. I loved the story, wanted to read more about the main protagonist and 4 years later there's still nothing new. Very disappointed. So since it is 4 years and still nothing do we assume your not going to continue?? When does the next book of the series come out?? See 2 questions about The Innkeeper's Son…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details.

    Sort order. Jul 17, Kathy rated it really liked it. Sometimes with these self published e-books you come across one and wonder why it was never published as a print edition for a wider audience and for me this was one of those books. I would have to describe this as a classic fantasy and it has all those usual stereotypes: Lost heirs, vague and misleading prophecies, evil wizards but no dragons yet thankfully - I won't miss them , human like races both good and bad , sword fights and magic.

    Review of Shadow Prowler – Book 1 from The Chronicles of Siala by Alexey Pehov

    At 20 Sim is considered an adult in his society. The s Sometimes with these self published e-books you come across one and wonder why it was never published as a print edition for a wider audience and for me this was one of those books. The son on an innkeeper he's desperate to leave the inn and see the wider world but he really has no idea about how sheltered his life has been deliberately kept and the family secrets which will shortly bring change whether he wants it or not.

    The novel may start of a little slow for some people but it sets the scene of life before everything changes for the characters without massive infodump back-flashes. I thought this novel was well written in a world the author has obviously given some thought to and characters that are both interesting and you want to know more about.

    This is a long book - the page count on amazon is pages - but despite that I kept coming back to it to see how the story would move along. Although the story starts from Sim's point of view it diverges to other characters as it goes along. For some authors this does not work, but it works in this story and if you are after a classic sword and sorcery fantasy for your e-reader this is worth picking up as I know I've easily read worse in commercially produced books.

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    I'd probably give it 4. Its not perfect but its an excellent first effort and I'll be picking up the sequel "blood lord" when it comes out. View 2 comments. Jan 22, Dave Ricchiazzi rated it did not like it Shelves: fantasy , young-adult. This book is painful. A young man discovers that he is the key to overthrowing an evil king and vows revenge after his parents are murdered. A tired premise but so prevelant in YA fantasy that I couldn't toss this one on that alone.

    However, I did have to drop this one rather quick because the book just doesn't want to make sense. The short of it is, the book has numerous inconsistenci This book is painful. The short of it is, the book has numerous inconsistencies, the characters are flat and unintereesting, and the story is absurd. If you want more, then keep reading. If not, please avoid this book. Our young man, Sim, is some kind of year-old manchild, having grown up in an incredibly sheltered life in order to keep him from being discovered by the evil king? I don't know why two people in charge of the savior of humanity would decide not to even teach their year-old son how to get around in the world, nor survive a bit in the wild, or do anything remotely useful except tend a garden.

    Maybe they wanted to prevent him from being discovered? Well, that seems reasonable, except they decide to hide him in an inn, one of the only places actively welcoming of outsiders. His would-be parents don't seem to have been the brightest. So Sim is about as worldy as an eight-year-old, but he's still got a lot of things going for him.

    Temptation Rising (Shadow Shifters, book 1) by A C Arthur

    Like being an expert swordsman. In one scene, his father asks Sim's trainer why he doesn't practice with the boy anymore, and the trainer's reply? In addition, all of his training has been done to Sim's mind in secret, which makes me wonder just how much time Sim needed to become so good. I shouldn't wonder much about it because soon we see why Sim is so good: He was born to it. Sim's talent is chalked up to his Harven heritage, him apparently being from a race of warrior-mages renowned for their prowess.

    I might be more forgiving of the idea that different races have different gifts an idea that sees use in all manner of fantasy if our only real glimpse into this proud race of warrior-mages wasn't this fop. What is Sim's weapon of choice? Two broadswords. Not a sword and parrying dagger, or a sword and a heaven forfend shield, two deadly weapons wielded with expert precision.

    The Innkeeper's Son

    Dual-wielding is video game, action movie drivel and doesn't make sense in fantasy's trademark Medieval Euro-ish setting. If the novel was an over-the-top action romp, or some kind of pulpy fantasy rag, then I could forgive the dual-wielding thing with a little more than an eye roll, but I can't because this highlights a major issue with this novel: It tells us Sim is heroic not because he's good he's barely that , but because he can swing two swords really really well. His gift of foresight is apparently not enough to set him apart, not enough to make him a hero, he has this combat prowess which is tacked on and contrary to his insanely ignorant nature.

    How ignorant is he? Well, he doesn't know what a trevloc is. But imagine that your world has dragons that are used as a form of transport, and several of them fly in the next town over. Do you think you'd make it 20 years without even hearing about one? Me neither. There's much more to be said about this novel just from the first quarter. If you're looking for YA stuff along the same lines, Shae Ford's Harbinger is in the same vein and better written, edited and plotted. View 1 comment. Oct 18, Nyaya Mukaka rated it it was amazing.

    I used to avoid fantasy genre until I accidentally came across this book: okay, "The Innkeeper's Son" sounded more like a traditional English rural setting in its title that I immediately fell in love with the title. At first, it sounded that way until the blodlord's tragic visit. Unfortunately, I was not happy when the adopted parents of our hero were killed. This is a fast-moving and thrilling book: the plot is riveting and characters are well-developed. I just wish that some marriages work th I used to avoid fantasy genre until I accidentally came across this book: okay, "The Innkeeper's Son" sounded more like a traditional English rural setting in its title that I immediately fell in love with the title.

    I just wish that some marriages work the way I like in book 2, such as that girl from the governor's palace who is the whisper. Great read; for anyone looking for a book that will transport them across the fantasy world, this is indeed great. Looking forward to book 2: this book ended while i was not ready. Dec 07, Matthew Langham rated it did not like it. This is the worst book I have ever finished, pure literary garbage. Couldn't have had worse execution if he tried. I will start with a few of the good things. The storyline itself is actually pretty good.

    The overall concept is sound, although full of tropes and inconsistency. The characters are well thought out and seem to interact well, if not a little unrealistic. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

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