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This new edition provides the latest OSHA regulations and recommendations, and each chapter has been updated with new information, including the latest innovations related to all types of successfully proven health and safety protocols.

Coverage includes safety programs, recordkeeping, safety training, safety equipment, and safe work practices for wastewater treatment facilities. In addition, much of the text should be relevant to safety and health professionals in almost any industrial setting. Recensie s Excellent book. Well written and easy to understand. This book should be mandatory reading material for anyone in the wastewater treatment business. Topics concerning safety programmes, training requirements, documentation, auditing, safety equipment and safe work practices are presented clearly in a text that is easy to understand This work is a very interesting and useful manual for operators, engineers and fieldworkers, and not only in the field of water treatment plants, but also for other purposes.

Important Safety Tips for Wastewater Treatment Plants

It could be used as a standard handbook for all information concerning safety problems related to any type of industrial activity, with the exception of handling radioactive material. Toon meer Toon minder. Lees de eerste pagina's. Betrokkenen Auteur Frank R.

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Wastewater treatment plant safety inspection checklist

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Procedures should be reviewed in detail on a regular basis, to facilitate understanding and ensure that newly hired employees are introduced to the plan. Post response plan procedures in public areas of the wastewater treatment plant as another way to promote awareness and understanding.

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Conduct drills on a regular basis, again to promote awareness and understanding — and also to reduce the potential for confusion or panic in the event of a real injury or accident. Make sure employees have the proper personal protective equipment PPE for all areas of the plant, including the lab. Equipment covered includes: eye, face and head protection, and respiratory devices and other items pertaining to chemical hazards and mechanical irritants. It is common in wastewater treatment facilities to have visitors and tour groups.

Wastewater Instructional Video: Wastewater Maintenance Safety

These people may not be acquainted with safety procedures or even aware of the potential hazards. A short briefing when visitors arrive, or a simple handout, may help put them in a safety-conscious frame of mind.

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Take care in specifying areas of the facility that visitors should not have access to. Make sure visitors are always accompanied by one or more trained, experienced employees during their visit. Appoint a specific individual to be responsible for the safety program.

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Unless safety is a top priority for someone, it may become a low priority for everyone. This standard describes requirements for ventilation, construction materials, electrical equipment, fire protection and administrative controls. OSHA safety requirements may also apply to areas within your wastewater treatment plant.

In particular, warning signs should be clearly posted in confined spaces which are not designed for ongoing work and are accessible on a restricted basis. Typical areas in a wastewater treatment plant include aeration basins, primary tanks, manholes, and vaulted sampling pits. Create safety teams to expand interest in and leadership of the safety initiative.

The Unseen Hazards of Wastewater Treatment Plants

Team members should have a presence in every shift of the operation. Their responsibilities can include leadership roles in various response plans, along with conducting small group or one-on-one safety awareness meetings.

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Report safety statistics prominently in the plant. Fortunately, accidents and injuries are not an everyday occurrence in most wastewater treatment plants. The downside of this if you can call it that is that safety can become something that is taken for granted.