Manual Quit Smoking by New Years-Guaranteed or money back

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Do you want to quit smoking?

Slowly l was becoming more affected by the negative effects caused from smoking. I knew l had to do something, l decided to try hypnotherapy with Michael, l know if performed correctly it does work. I attended 1 session and was amazed how well he enforced that l was now a non smoker. I have had moments which were bearable that l wanted to smoke but could overcome them pretty easily. I honestly believe that without hypnosis l would still be a smoker.

I wouldn't have had the strength and willpower to fight the cravings without Michael's help. Thank you so very much. You probably really did save my life. Went in, chatted for about 15 minutes, Michael explained the procedure of the way he works and what i should expect. After approximately an hour, we chatted again and i left in total honesty a non smoker. Didn't think about smoking on the way home which was amazing. So in the 2 months since i did the Hypnotherapy, i can say the the thought of smoking does pop into my mind but just as quickly it is gone.

I feel amazing and all the horrible side effects of smoking have gone. I can not thank him enough for helping me do this. Although she struggled to focus during the sessions she stopped almost immediately.

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Curing their addictions and improving the quality of their life. I have been working with Michael now for over 3 months. In that time Michael has taught me the benefits of the conscious eating- savoring what you eat and and feeling the texture and flavors. Together with the weekly short catch up of the week before- the hypnotic CD's are incredible- not matter what you find the time to listen to them.

Michael is a caring and some-one that wants to see you succeed - However you must me committed. BUT unless you are ready to give up, he won't take you onboard as a client. He is not out to take your money, he is out to save your life. I have heard numerous examples from clients themselves of how succesful he has been in helping them quit, and it isn't just smoking.

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If you are genuine about quiting he will know if you aren't and he won't charge you , then you will leave Michael's session a non smoker. Keep up the good work mate. I was addicted to nicotine to say the least. I really needed and wanted to quit. This is an amazing technique and the only one that has ever worked on me i have tried everything from patches, sprays and gum.

I walked out after my session and have never looked back. I didnt have any withdrawal symptoms at all. I am happy to say thanks to Michael I am a non smoker for life. So it's been almost 3 hours shy of a week since I saw Michael Michael is positive, easy to listen to, easy to follow. Experienced and confident, the 60 minutes with him was the single most easiest thing I've done Worth the time, worth the money. Took me back 20 years without breaking a sweat. Thank you for helping me get my life back.

Infinity and beyond! Like most people, you probably thought they were physical chemical cravings. Believe it! They have a vested interest in your having felt helplessly addicted. Many of them want you to wait for the mail to arrive with a bundle of CDs that take many hours to hear. They want to justify their high price with a bloated package. Others want you to come to their therapy office, or to come to weekly meetings. It's not like this when you come to our hypnotherapy session. W e do not work with everyone. We only work with individuals who are absolutely ready to quit.

Quitting smoking before age 40

If you are not ready, nothing will work for you long term. If you are ready, this can be the easiest thing in the world for you. Our guarantee is that if you take up smoking again at any time after your one hour session, follow up coaching is absolutely free. I'm guessing that of course you would want that, it would be a dream come true.

This works; it doesn't matter how many times you've tried to quit smoking or what other products and methods you've used that have failed in the past. It doesn't matter how long you have been smoking or how many cigarettes you smoke.

Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes - Stop Smoking Albury Wodonga

You are about to end those cravings forever — even if you are a heavy smoker. How can I be so certain? You just will feel plain wonderful knowing you will not fail again! I haven't seen any other program, system or product that has that proven track record. I'm wondering how much do you spend on cigarettes each year? Imagine what you could do with all that extra money? An overseas holiday for two? A deposit towards a brand new car or new house? And don't feel disappointed if you find it difficult to come up with this amount as a lump sum. Just let us know that you are interested in this option when you call to book.

Naturally, the whole point is for your cravings to not only to disappear in an hour; but stay gone after that! So, why do people continue to smoke cigarettes? And even more importantly, why is it so hard for so many people to quit smoking? Would you like to know the real secret? The biggest reason of all? Think about how many cigarettes a day you actually enjoy - If you are like most, maybe The rest, you just kind of just smoke unconsciously. A good example is driving. Off you go on your regular drive to work, it could be 30 or 40 minutes, and sometimes, you do not even remember how you did it.

You could be, eating, chatting on your phone only on hands-free of course!

Long Term Effects

Your subconscious does it all for you! Guess what! When you first started learning to smoke, you did it very consciously as well. This is why it is so hard to quit using will power! This habit is not under your conscious control. The magic of this system is that it considers all the reasons that are unique to you. Actually, it goes even further. This system considers and all the common reasons people fail. More than For the small percentage that do not, they succeed in quitting with free follow coaching covered by our lifetime guarantee.

Long Term Effects

We then book your session and send you a client information form to help us tailor the session for you. Wondering how this system works? The other reason for the power of this system is that it works with your individual needs. It is tailored specifically to you and your smoking habit. What is advanced hypnosis?

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  5. When we make decisions, rationalise, and analyse we are thinking with our conscious mind. The subconscious mind, on the other hand, is what we do when we are on 'auto-pilot'. This is the part that controls our habits. Does this system work for everyone?

    Short Term Effects

    The key is do you really want to quit? If the answer is yes, this system makes it easy for you. Because we ask a series of questions at the end of the session and you will know you have quit cigarettes for good. Many people leave almost feeling like they have never smoked cigarettes. The thought just does not occur to them again. This system is based on NLP and advanced hypnosis. Both are completely safe.