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He delights in experimentation while using original, cutting edge technologies. My years of contemplation opened my eyes and my heart, and taught me to see more deeply. I use this alchemy of wonder to combine the traditions of painting and photography with new technology. From beginning to end, the techniques that Harold Davis uses are unique.

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Trained as a classical photographer and painter, his photographic images are made using special HDR High Dynamic Range capture techniques that extend the range of visual information beyond what the eye can normally see. Davis creates and processes his images using wide-gamut and alternative digital methods that he has invented.

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One collector says that she gets the same feeling when looking at a Harold Davis print as she does after taking a good Yoga class. I am able to create in a domain where many techniques and crafts have come together for the very first time. It is licensed by art publishers, in annual reports, and has appeared in numerous magazines and many publications.

He is the inventor of a widely admired technique for photographing flowers for transparency on a light box, and a pioneer in adopting in-camera multiple exposures to studio photography in the digital era. When not traveling in search of photographic adventures, Harold can be found at home in his flower garden in Berkeley, California, with his wife Phyllis and their four children. Photographing Flowers.

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