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There has been much speculation over whether Fleming actually did base the character on a real person, or possibly even after himself.

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Writing autobiographically, Pearson begins the novel's story with his own recruitment to MI6. Already, the department had assigned Ian Fleming to write novels based upon a real-life agent James Bond, but, rather than write fiction, Fleming was to be truthful about agent 's adventures. The idea, MI6 felt, was to hide the truth, of Bond's exploits, in plain sight; along the way, Fleming created a few fictions, such as Moonraker , to keep the Soviets guessing.

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Pearson's tale also incorporates Fleming's tongue-in-cheek claim that he never wrote the manuscript for The Spy Who Loved Me , but rather that it was mysteriously sent to him by Vivienne Michel, the heroine of that book. In the book, MI6 asks Pearson to write agent 's biography, and is introduced to Bond, now in his fifties but still healthy, sun-tanned, and in the company of Honeychile Ryder, the heroine of the novel Dr. Most of the novel is about Bond telling his life story, including the school years as well as his first missions for MI6. Along the way, there are references to virtually every Ian Fleming novel and short story, as well as the Robert Markham novel, Colonel Sun.

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At novel's end, Pearson is invited to take over from Fleming and write future Bond adventures, much as Dr. Watson wrote about Sherlock Holmes.

Pearson brings Bond amazingly to life, expanding on adventures that were merely hinted at in the novels. In this age of teh emasculated male, Bond is a joy to behold. This 'authorised biography' is a clever, bittersweet disquisition on what becomes of our heroes.

But more than this, it is also a shrewd running critical commentary on Fleming, going some way to explain the outbreaks of bleakness and sourness in the original novels, and also ingeniously explaining away a lot of their absurdity. It is an enjoyable exercise in having cake and eating it.

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A quick fix of glamour and adventure. Pearson's book contains sex, sophistication and intrigue. Pearson is the author of- among others - the only authorised biography of Ian Fleming, as well as bestselling The Profession of Violence. He lives in London and West Sussex.

007 Case Files: James Bond – The Authorised Biography

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