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ML Aug Via Ricasoli Dec Phong Jun Start a fire, you and I Let us dance upon the midnight violet skies A twirl of flames and a blister of ice Intertwined we are one, as we sit upon the rising sun So hold tight and don't let go For we are the ones who will never know The tragedy of a broken heart And the tragedy of a shattered soul So let us stay here, where we belong As the day goes from dusk to dawn We will look upon the midnight sky And leave our lives behind As we wither up and die.

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OpenWorldView May Intertwined Sonnet 1. Barn swallows zigzag swiftly through the air hunting for flies beneath a clear blue sky. Cord grass shelters a little brown marsh hare frozen by the buzzards long hissing cry. She sleeps on a quilt sprawled out on the ground while a light breeze caresses her white skin and bright sun plays in tune to natures sound fending off nightmares about horrid sin. I watch all this from the shadow of hell as my flesh rots in the dark earth below and fat maggots feed on my oozing smell churning meat until next winters cold snow.


Heaven, earth and hell are all intertwined, but mortals are oblivious and blind. Kevin 4d.

The second day i met you You told me- "Your body makes me Carson Alexander Defelice Jul Filtered Pain. With bamboo husks scattered, My last bones shattered. We mourn a loss of bliss, Draped in fear learnt to dismiss, I call for all to gather. The stalks once in my heart, Intertwined; and broke apart.

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I never knew how weak I'd gotten, As my glacial mind defrosted, And from within; resilience departed. My thoughts cannot grow, Pierced by what I do not know. I'm getting colder, I am not a soldier, I'm a victim to the blow. As the last bit of me was hollowed out, I spoke the words of hope through my mouth: "I will learn to accept the pain, Rather than soaking it in my veins, I'll filter it to the ground.


I've been looking up what things symbolize feelings, and I've been so excited to write with them. Apparently, as far as I've read bamboo is a symbol of strength in China.

I just feel like weakness is such a common emotion, and it takes so much to grow out of. I hope this isn't confusing.

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Upside-down yet right-side-up. My "Days Off" are never enough.

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Feelin rough. Poverty is much like a developing plant, with the deep root causes growing and sprouting into visible problems. Using the concept of a tree, Intertwined illustrates this cycle of poverty and aims to inspire action from the community through education to create lasting change. Understanding the system of poverty and the connections between us.

Examining the root causes and symptoms of poverty is the first step in breaking the cycle. Navigate the tree by clicking on branch labels to explore the topics and get a comprehensive picture of the symptoms of the poverty cycle, and how we can help people currently in need. This is an evolving presentation, with constantly updated content.

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