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New York : W. C15 S43 b Secrest, William B. When the Great Spirit died : the destruction of the California Indians, Fresno, Calif. U72 I54 Indigenous in the city : contemporary identities and cultural innovation. B Bayles, Martha, author. Through a screen darkly : popular culture, public diplomacy, and America's image abroad. C33 c Carnes, Mark C. American destiny : narrative of a nation. Northeastern State University's centennial edition.

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Julian Savulescu: The Science and Ethics of Human Enhancement

Far China station : the U. Navy in Asian waters, Paperback ed. C5 D62 Dobson, Wendy, author. Partners and rivals : the uneasy future of China's relationship with the United States. H38 Haughton, Andrew. Training, tactics, and leadership in the Confederate Army of Tennessee : seeds of failure. London : Routledge, Summersell Center for the Study of the South, [] F M Mittlefehldt, Sarah, author. Tangled roots : the Appalachian Trail and American environmental politics. W3 F74 Frederick, Jeff. Stand up for Alabama : Governor George Wallace. Tuscaloosa : University of Alabama Press, c P45 J42 Jeansonne, Glen.

Leander Perez : boss of the Delta. Jackson : University Press of Mississippi, c J36 Jameson, W.

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Lost mines and buried treasures of Oklahoma. Nashville, Tenn. U6 F73 Francis, Diane. Merger of the century : why Canada and America should become one country.

Maximilian and Carlota : Europe's last empire in Mexico. M Miles, Donald White. Cinco de Mayo : what is everybody celebrating? Lincoln, NE : iUniverse, c C14 A55 Allison, Zoe, author. The Mayan record keeper : the sacred Tzolkin: an almanac of the days. U6 Y York, Ruth Ann. Cost analysis of operating Oklahoma's traveler information centers. L6 Y6 Yodis, Elaine G.

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Geography of Louisiana. W35 Walter, Chip. Last ape standing : the seven-million year story of how and why we survived. M McClendon, John H. Beyond the white shadow : philosophy, sports, and the African American experience. Dubuque, Iowa : Kendall Hunt, c W Woods, Ron. Social issues in sport. Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, c S77 Stoldt, G. Sport public relations : managing stakeholder communication.

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New York : Palgrave Macmillan, M67 Morace, Christopher, author. Transform : how leading companies are winning with disruptive social media. A87 The ASQ supply chain management primer. R67 Roper, C. Trade secret theft, industrial espionage, and the China threat.

Engineering the Human: Human Enhancement Between Fiction and Fascination

F Fink, Steven. Crisis communications : the definitive guide to managing the message. M Michelli, Joseph A.

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The new gold standard : 5 leadership principles for creating a legendary customer experience courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. New York : McGraw-Hill, c S Siroker, Dan. S47 Settle-Murphy, Nancy M. Leading effective virtual teams : overcoming time and distance to achieve exceptional results. C6 O77 Orr, Linda M. When to hire, or not hire a consultant : getting your money's worth from consulting relationships. P75 A Alleman, Glen B. Performance-based project management : increasing the probability of project success.

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Burlington, VT : Gower, c C4 H54 High rise stories : voices from Chicago public housing. E82 K36 Kander, Astrid.

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Power to the people : energy in Europe over the last five centuries. Princeton, N. B Burke, Bob. Prospects to prosperity : the story of Oklahoma's oil and gas industry.

Intelligent people have 'unnatural' preferences and values that are novel in human evolution

P Petrie, Thomas A. Following oil : four decades of cycle-testing experiences and what they foretell about U. B78 Bruce, Peter J.