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Understand characteristics of isentropic flow, normal shock waves, oblique shock waves, Prandtl-Meyer flow, Fanno friction flow, Rayleigh heat transfer flow, and multidimensional flow.

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Discover applications where compressibility is important, how to solve problems, and analyze results. One-dimensional analysis of compressible flow with area change, friction, heat transfer, shock waves, and combined effects, including experimental methods. ME EN. Show related SlideShares at end.

ERCOFTAC CADO - Non-Ideal Compressible Fluid Dynamics (NICFD).

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    A solutions manual that contains complete solutions to all of the problems in this book is available. The manual incorporates the same problem-solving methodology as adopted in the worked examples in this book. It also provides summaries of the major equations developed in each chapter.

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      Mathematical Theory of Compressible Fluid Flow

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      Fluid Mechanics: Introduction to Compressible Flow (26 of 34)

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